About Us

We pride ourselves on being Northern Ireland’s premier company specialising in creative strategies and solutions in relation to today’s property market, for both buyers and sellers alike.

We have been working closely with leading players in the property industry for the past few years and have formed good working relationships with several top professionals including solicitors, estate agents, mortgage brokers and management companies as well as a number of property experts and investors across the UK.

How we can help you!

Do you need to sell your property quickly or are you having trouble selling it?

Are you finding it difficult buying a home because of your current situation?

Then NI Property Partners may just be the key to your housing solution.

We can make you a genuine cash offer without delay or obligation.

We can help you buy a property initially without the need for a mortgage.

Why choose us?

Local, Friendly and Totally Confidential

At NI Property Partners we pride ourselves on our strict, honest and ethical policy which we insist on following.

We offer a completely free service with no obligation.

Any information disclosed to us is treated with the utmost confidence.

We commit to finding the best WIN-WIN deal for all parties concerned.

If we believe that we are not the best solution for you, we will tell you and even help you with an alternative solution.

We guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

We commit to providing realistic timescales.

We will keep you updated and informed throughout the process.

We will do what we say we will do and keep to our word.

We suggest you register your details and/or feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have.